Bank holidays are something many of us look forward to throughout the year. They allow us to spend extra, quality time with our friends and family without having to book time off work.

Often this means extended periods where our loved ones are all off work at once. With such an opportunity, it can be difficult to choose how to spend our time between the many spring bank holiday activities.

To make things a little easier, we’ve listed some of the best things to do on a bank holiday this year. From Easter events to everyday activities for the whole family, we’ve got you covered.

Go for a hike

Bank holidays are the perfect opportunity to explore the great outdoors. While some of us may be lucky enough to be able to hike most weekends, the bank holiday gives us the chance to trek further afield.

The April bank holiday is an especially good time to go for a hike, as the clocks have just sprung forward, and the summer weather is just starting to come through.

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Learn a new hobby

One of the best things to do on a bank holiday is to pick up a new hobby. There are plenty of exciting sports and outdoor activities such as bouldering, bike riding and canoeing.

For those that don’t want to get quite so far out of their comfort zone, crocheting, learning an instrument or painting are good options to throw yourself into with your extra time off.

Visit a Museum

Although we always hope for good weather on a bank holiday weekend, sometimes we still get rained off. Even the ​​Easter bank holidays aren’t guaranteed sunshine.

If this is the case, there’s always a museum on hand to explore for a more educational and cultural experience. Do something different on your next bank holiday and earn cashback while you explore a museum.

Go to a show

Going to a show is a great way to spend one of the April 2023 bank holidays. No matter what your interests or personal taste, there will always be something you can find in terms of live performances.

Going to the theatre, a concert or a comedy show can often be the highlight of your weekend and you may even find your new favourite musician or comedian. Through our partners at Expedia, you can even earn cashback when you book your tickets, making the decision to go a little bit easier.

Go to the beach

A sunny bank holiday is the perfect opportunity to pack up the car and head on down to the coast. Whether you want to top up your tan, build sandcastles with the kids, or test the waves, there’s nothing much better than getting on the crisp white sand.

Although it’s often unavoidable, one thing you don’t want on your trip to the beach is an unexpected breakdown. Make sure you’re covered with breakdown cover throughout Quidco, making a nightmare scenario a little bit easier to deal with.

Eat at a new restaurant

Use this as your sign to visit that restaurant you’ve been thinking about. Not many bank holiday activities can be topped by getting your nearest and dearest together and having a meal at a new restaurant. If there’s one thing that brings us together more than anything, it's food!

Explore a new city

Whether abroad or in the UK, a long weekend is a great chance to delve into the culture and history of a city you’ve never been to before. You’ll be able to find your new favourite restaurant, meet interesting locals, and sample some regional delicacies.

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Catch up with an old friend

Our busy lives can make it difficult to keep in contact with our old friends. Whether it’s old school friends, work colleagues or acquaintances we’ve drifted from, the extra time off can allow us to reconnect with someone from our past. Use the opportunity to catch up and grab a coffee or a bite to eat with someone you miss.

Take a last minute holiday

Going on a spontaneous trip away is at the top of many people’s bucket lists. Not only is it an exciting thing to do on a bank holiday weekend, you can often get great deals on holidays when booking at the last minute.

Many people choose to look at where the cheapest flights are going on their chosen days and plan their trip from there. This can be used as an opportunity to travel somewhere they wouldn’t normally go.

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Visit a spa

Looking for the ultimate way to unwind over the Easter bank holidays? You can’t get much more relaxing than a spa break. Taking a dip in the pool, getting a massage or hopping in the sauna will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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