According to the latest cost of living crisis forecasts, energy prices could rise by 65%, taking average annual bills to a whopping £3,244 this October when the next energy price cap kicks in.

While this creates a gloomy outlook for households, the good news is there are ways you can cut down the cost of your energy bill ahead of winter.

Here are our top tips to save money on your energy bills...

Do full loads of laundry

Instead of running your washing machine constantly throughout the week, try saving up your laundry and doing full loads instead.

By doing this, you can knock approximately £10 a year off your bill for more modern machines, but much more with older ones.

Utilise eco mode

Most modern appliances like washing machines and dishwashers have an eco mode option, which operate at a lower speed and use less heat and quite often use less energy than choosing a shorter cycle.

According to Curry's, up to 90% of the energy a washing machine uses is to heat water. So lowering your temperature uses up to 59% less energy.

Switch off at the plug

Switching off and even unplugging devices around the home is one of the quickest ways to save money on energy, rather than leaving them on standby. Otherwise, you're using energy for something you're not making use of.

This simple task could help you save between £40-110 a year! (That's dependent on how many devices you have.)

Use your microwave more

If you own a microwave, try using this more often than using your oven or hob to cook certain foods like rice, ready meals, and jacket potatoes.

Research shows the microwave uses up to 25% less energy than cooking in the oven. That’s because they use less energy by only heating the foot, not the area around it.

Plus, your meals still taste as delicious!

Turn the thermostat down

Turning your thermostat down is another quick and easy ways to reduce your energy bill. You can save up to £60 a year just by turning down your thermostat by one degree!

Fit free water saving devices

Did you know you can get free water saving devices including a free water-saving shower head depending on where you live? These handy gadgets can help you save a generous amount on your water bill. Find out more at Save Water Save Money

Switch your energy provider

If you're not happy with your energy provider or tariff, you can switch to a cheaper one and save money. Plus, you can get a £40 cashback bonus using Quidco Compare.

Try a cooler setting

Even if your machine doesn't have an eco mode, you can still use cooler settings on appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. By washing your clothes on 30 degrees rather than 40 for example, you could save £28 a year.

Fill your dishwasher up

Similar to your washing machine, filling your dishwasher up and only running it once a day or every couple of days could also help you save money on your energy bills.

Even just reducing your dishwasher use by one run a week could help you save £14, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

Fix any leaks

Do you have any annoying little drips in your bathroom or kitchen? These may not sound like a huge problem, but have the potential to waste a lot of water over time and cost you more money.

Make sure you look into these and have them fixed as soon as possible to stop any wastage.

Avoid the tumble dryer

While the tumble dryer is very handy, using it bumps up the cost your energy bill quite significantly. To put it into perspective, The Energy Saving Trust claims never using your tumble dryer could knock £60 a year off your bill!

Instead, try drying your clothes on an airer, leaving a window open nearby to ventilate your home and avoid causing any damp issues.

During summer months, you can pop your clothes outside on a line or airer.

Check your boiler pressure

Your boiler pressure gauge tells you the pressure of the water circulating in your heating system.

If it’s slower than normal (this will depend on the boiler manufacturer but this is often between 1.0 and 2.0) it will use more energy to heat your home up to temperature.

Most new boilers have the pressure displayed on the front of the boiler, but you can always check your manual if you're struggling to find it.

If your boiler has issues, it may be time to upgrade. While this is more expensive initially, this will help you save you money in the long run.

Bleed your radiators

Do you know how to bleed your radiators? This little life hack could save you money on your energy bill too! Check out this handy guide here.

If you don't bleed radiators around your home regularly, air getting trapped inside, which can leave cold spots in your radiators and make you use more energy to get the right amount of heat out of them.

You'll get a feel for when it's time for you to bleed your radiators, as they tend to take longer to heat up than usual and you can feel cold patches on top or hear odd noises coming from them.

Close your curtains at night

This might seem like an obvious tip, but closing your curtains at night really does help you cut down your energy bill! Closing your curtains will help your home retain heat and keep your home warm and toasty.

Please be careful not to drape them over radiators for too long though if possible.  

Cut down your shower time

On top of using water saving products, did you know cutting even just a minute off your morning shower could help you save £75 a year? Even more if you have a meter (£105) and £180 a year for an average four-person household.

To cut down your shower time, set a timer and see how much time and money you could save!

Install a smart meter

Getting a smart meter can help you see where you use the most energy and how you might be able to reduce it in certain areas of your home.

Check out our guide on smart meters to help you weigh up the pros and cons.

Change your lightbulbs

Swapping your current bulbs to energy-efficient lightbulbs such as LEDs or compact fluorescents can also help you save money on your energy bills.

They use a quarter of the energy of regular incandescent bulbs and can last up to a whopping 25 times longer!

Block draughts around the home

Draught-proofing your home is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to save energy and money.

Blocking obvious draughts around your windows and doors could save you around £45 a year, while draught-proofing your chimney can knock approximately £65 a year.

Check your insulation

Did you know, up to a quarter of your home's heat is lost through the roof? This could be even more in older properties, where loft insulation isn't up to current regulations.

Check your loft insulation is properly insulated to prevent the loss of heat.  

It's also worth checking your property's wall insulation, between the floor, skirting boards, and hot water pipes. Whether you have cavity or solid walls, you can insulate both types to make sure you're retaining heat.

Properly insulated water pipes can also prevent hot water from heating up too quickly and also prevent water wastage.

Ask for help

If you're struggling to pay your energy bills, there are a number of ways you can get financial support. These include government grants, rebates, discount schemes, and more. Find out how to apply for these on the Citizen's Advice website.

Plus, check out our top tips on how to save money during the cost of living crisis from UK money bloggers!