Christmas is all about food, family and festivities, and we believe that good food can help define your Christmas day. From the traditional Christmas puddings and turkey, to vegan nut roasts and dishes you’ve probably never heard of before, we have compiled this list of our 30 favourite recipes for Christmas you can try out to make your guests beg you for the recipe as soon as they try it.

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Classic Christmas dinner recipes

1. Roast turkey

The most traditional Christmas dish of all! This recipe includes instructions on how to make a glaze to make your turkey taste extra delicious. Find the recipe and method via BBC Good Food!

2. Glazed ham

For those of us who aren’t particularly fond of turkey, this is an alternative and equally delicious crowning glory for your Christmas dinner table. Find the recipe here.

3. Honey glazed carrots

Simple, yet effective. Christmas dinner isn’t just about the turkey; the garnish can be the star of the show too, and in this case, the garnish may even rival the main! Get the recipe here.

4. Classic roast potatoes

The perfect roasties, courtesy of Mr Jamie Oliver! Roast potatoes are pretty easy to make, but there’s a certain skill involved in making them absolutely perfect. Find the recipe here.

5. Pigs in blankets (jumbo)

Who’d have thought you could improve on the classic pigs in blankets? This dish has been elevated by being upsized, and will be devoured in seconds by hungry Christmas revellers! Recipe available here.

6. Pancetta, sage and onion stuffing

What’s Christmas dinner without stuffing? It’s not often the star of the show, but in this case you may want to reconsider, as you’ll certainly want second (and maybe third) helpings of this! Get the recipe.

7. Red cabbage and pomegranate

Red cabbage is an essential part of Christmas dinner, and here you can find the elevated version to wow your guests with this Christmas. Pomegranate goes with everything, fact!

8. Yorkshire puddings

Many people avoid making their own Yorkshire puddings, as they can seem too technical or difficult to make. But, thanks to Gordon Ramsay, making yorkshires has never been easier! Find this easy recipe here.

Vegetarian Christmas recipes

9. Nut roast rolls

Christmas picnic? Pigs in blankets replacement? Whatever occasion you decide to make these for, we’re sure you’ll love these protein-packed nut roast rolls! Get the recipe.

10. Veggie ‘beef’ wellington

A great alternative to the classic beef wellington. As this recipe is a little time consuming, why not use it as your Christmas dinner centrepiece? Recipe.

11. Lentil, parsnip and apple soup

This is a great festive and low-effort dish to enjoy pre or post-Christmas dinner or lunch, and it only takes around 30 minutes to prepare! View the recipe here.

12. Carrot, mushroom and hazelnut tart

Continuing with the glazed carrots theme, this is great for any non-meat-eating guests or family members, and you can switch up or switch out certain ingredients to really make it your own. Get the recipe.

13. Vegetable and potato gratin

A twist on the classic, with added root veggies for extra health! Why not have this alongside your roast potatoes? When it comes to Christmas, there are no rules. View the full recipe.

14. Brie and Cranberry pastry

Cranberries and their association with Christmas dates back far, and the addition of the brie makes this a delicious and filling alternative to meat or traditional Christmas dinner. Recipe here.

15. Veggie stuffing

Everyone wants stuffing at Christmas, and everyone can be included with this vegetarian version of stuffing! Full recipe here.

16. Festive Christmas pies

These individual sized pies are great alternatives to traditional Christmas meat and can be reduced or increased in quantity to cater to all family members! Full recipe here.

Vegan Christmas recipes

17. Stuffed butternut squash

The perfect vegan main course? Accompanied by a vegan stuffing, this is the perfect festive dinner alternative, and can be enjoyed as a side dish too! Recipe here.

18. Christmas wreath

How’s this for a centrepiece?! This Christmas wreath can be prepared much more quickly than a traditional turkey, giving you more time to enjoy its amazing taste. Recipe here.

19. Aubergine and chickpea balls

Did someone say Christmas canapės? These can be served as an accompaniment to your main course or as a vegan amuse-bouche at your Christmas party. Recipe available here.

20. Vegan wellington

Wellingtons aren’t traditionally synonymous with Christmas, but make great meat-free centrepieces or alternatives for those of us who aren’t so keen on turkey. Get the recipe.

Christmas dessert recipes

21. Traditional Christmas pudding

Now we come to the pièce de résistance, the Christmas pudding. A must in most British households at Christmas, and great with custard. Find the full Christmas pudding recipe here.

22. Mince pies

Rival the store-bought mince pies with these homemade versions. Great accompanied with brandy butter or cream! Find the full recipe here, and find the vegan version here.

23. Chocolate yule log

The classic! Add your own toppings or accompaniments to this classic Christmas cake recipe to make it worthy of its reputation as a Christmas dessert centrepiece. Recipe here.

24. Apple tarte tatin

Not all of us enjoy rich chocolatey desserts, and thus, this recipe is the perfect alternative. Enjoy this festive classic with your choice of additions. Get the recipe here.

25. Vegan gingerbread

A great Christmas cookie recipe which can be fun for kids too. You could use this recipe to make a gingerbread house as the dessert centrepiece. For some topping ideas, check out this vegan royal icing recipe.

Christmas drinks recipes

26. Classic mulled wine

You can’t go wrong with a hearty mug of mulled wine at Christmas. This recipe from Delicious magazine gives the ingredients you need to make this festive classic.

27. Eggnog

Eggnog is the mainstay of British Christmas drinks, and with good reason. This recipe makes it easy to whip up this warming festive beverage in minutes.

28. Bucks fizz

Simply a combination of orange juice and prosecco, bucks fizz is a classic Christmas staple. Find the recipe here.

29. Gingerbread hot chocolate

This rich and indulgent festive version of the classic will be a hit with all your guests and family members. Top yours with whipped cream and cinnamon for the ultimate festive beverage. Recipe here.

30. Cranberry sangria

What are some alcohol-free Christmas cocktail recipes? Look no further than this refreshing festive drink that kids and adults can enjoy! Add your own twist to this with alternative ingredients. Recipe here.


What are the top 10 Christmas foods?

The top 10 most popular Christmas foods include roast turkey (of course), Christmas pudding, eggnog, stuffing, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, brussels sprouts, gingerbread, ham and Christmas cake, although this of course varies from household to household!

What is the best menu for Christmas?

This depends on your own personal circumstances and preferences; however, a traditional Christmas menu consists of roast turkey or meat alternative, cheese or charcuterie boards, festive desserts, and the traditional side dishes that accompany a roast.

What is a typical Christmas menu?

As stated above, a typical Christmas menu is whatever you make it, but to make it really special, including vegetarian and vegan options to cater to numerous dietary requirements can make yours stand out.

Unsurprisingly, the most popular UK Christmas dish would be turkey, with roast potatoes coming in at a close second.