You may or may not know that the government is offering a 50% discount (Up to £10 per person) when you dine in at cafés and restaurants during the month of August. It’ll encourage us to go to restaurants, save money and help the hospitality industry.

But the good times don’t end there. Quidco members can save even more than the already discounted prices.

Here's how

We offer a Payout Bonus when you take out your cashback through one of our partners. This means that you can get some extra cashback when you take out your money through a gift card or voucher. For example, if you have £50 cashback in your Quidco account, and you use a payout bonus of 10%, you’ll get a £55 gift card.

We have payout bonuses with some of the restaurants that are participating in the government’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme.

When you cash out with these restaurants and cafes, you’ll get a gift card with more money to spend. You can use these ON TOP of the government’s 50% off scheme.

Withdraw and save more

Let’s say you had £20 cashback in your Quidco account. If you cashed out with a Pizza Express (12% payout bonus*), you’d get a voucher worth £22.40. When you go to enjoy a delicious pizza, you can use this £22.40 ON TOP of the Eat Out to Help Out savings to whack a massive £32.40 off of your bill. If your overall meal comes to £40, then you’d only be paying £7.60. Somebody get the dough balls in!

Here are the restaurants and cafes offering payout bonuses*

  • Pizza Express: 12% Payout Bonus
  • CAFFÈ NERO: 12% Payout Bonus
  • The Dining Out card: 15% Payout Bonus
  • Costa: 10% Payout Bonus
  • The Restaurant Card: 15% Payout Bonus
  • Pizza Hut: 12% Payout Bonus
  • Prezzo: 12% Payout Bonus
  • Turtle Bay: 10% Payout Bonus

  • *Payout Bonuses vary between giftcard and Quidco account type. bonuses displayed are for for premium v2 members