Daylight savings time in the UK is when clocks go forward allowing us to make the most of summer time. This year, the clocks go forward on the 26th of March. Whilst this may mean one less hour in bed , it marks the start of longer spring evenings and more time to be out and about. It’s certainly a great time to enjoy nicer weather in the evenings.

Many of us will be bored of spending our evenings indoors during winter. This means you’re probably looking to switch it up as it gets warmer. At Quidco we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for more ideas for how to spend your longer evenings. Keep reading on for 8 inspiring ideas as well as some great ways to save on your spring or summer evening activities.

Refreshing evening walks

As Spring comes around, we can start thinking about heading out for walks in the evening. The UK has some incredible national parks that are a very short drive away from most cities. You can travel to the Yorkshire Dales, head to the Peak District or Exmoor National Park.

All of these are free to walk in and are often very peaceful around Spring time. It’s a great time to get out in nature as Spring starts with beautiful daffodils and cherry blossoms in some places.

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Head to the beach

Everyone loves a trip to the beach and often we don’t need to go in the daytime. Heading to the beach is one of the most fun things to do in the evening in Spring. It may be slightly chillier and windy but it can be a really refreshing walk. You could definitely take the family and grab some fish and chips.

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Get more active

Although many of us set our intentions for a more active lifestyle in the new year, Spring and Summer is also a great time to consider it. This is because as it gets warmer it's much easier to go outside and exercise in nature. You could try getting into some evening hikes to make the most of daylight savings. Exercising can make a great difference to your mental and physical health, especially after a winter of staying indoors.

You could even set yourself a goal to get out on a run or jog. In Summer it makes a great night time activity as it will still be light but still cool out. This can really improve your health and get your blood pumping.

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What better activity to do on Spring evenings than gardening? It’s a really popular evening activity during springtime because come Summer time you can start to see what you’ve planted grow. Many fruits and vegetables can be grown if you have a garden or small outdoor areas. You can spend time in the evening arranging a bed of flowers and trying to make your garden look nicer.

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Visit a castle ground or abbey ruins

The UK is no stranger to rich history and heritage. You can often visit many of the UKs castles and abbey ruins outdoors. They make a really lovely evening walk but you can learn whilst doing it which is a great family activity. From Edinburgh castle in Scotland to Battle Abbey in East Sussex, the UK has many cultural heritage sites to visit and explore.

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Theme parks and fairgrounds

Spring forward into one of the most fun evening activities this daylight savings. Why not head to a theme park or fairground? Often as it gets warmer in Spring, fairgrounds will start popping up across the UK. Picture yourself on an exciting fairground ride, eating some sweet cotton candy or donuts.

If you’re looking for an even bigger thrill, you could head to a theme park. The UK has many great parks to choose from with some of the world’s best roller coasters. As we head towards summer parks begin their seasons and with Quidco you can save on season tickets or day passes. Get discounts on parks like Alton Towers and THORPE park.

Picnic in the park

One fun thing to do in summer is head out for a picnic. Your local park is often the best spot during a warmer evening as opposed to more ambitious evening activities. So grab your blanket, some treats and head to the park with those you love for a picnic.

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Fruit picking

If you’re looking for fun things to do in the evening to make the most of daylight savings, one exciting option is to go fruit picking. As Spring starts, more fruits will be growing in the UK including blackberries and strawberries. Often you can find out where fruit picking is happening by using Google to discover what's going on in your local countryside area.

What’s more romantic than heading to do some fruit picking and then heading home to eat or cook with the fruits? If you’re looking for some recipe inspiration, you can often find some exciting Spring and Summer fruit recipes in magazines. Get discounts and cashback on magazine subscriptions with Quidco.


What time do the clocks go forwards?

In the UK, clocks go forward at 1am. Usually, digital clocks will reset themselves at this time automatically on the 26th of March, however, you will need to update your clocks yourself if they are manual.

What date do the clocks go forward?

In the UK this year, daylight savings begins on the 26th of March. This means that clocks will ‘spring forward’ on Sunday the 26th of March. You will get one less hour in bed on Sunday morning but daylight savings will stay in place later in October this year.

What does daylight savings do?

Daylight saving has been a tradition for many years in the UK. It is thought that those living in the Northern hemisphere get less access to daylight and sunshine during the winter months. So to make the most of daylight savings, the clocks are adjusted forward in order to ensure we can all enjoy our summer to its maximum potential.

When did daylight savings start?

British Summer Time was first established by the Summer Time Act 1916, after a campaign. The goal was to encourage people to enjoy their summer. At this time British Summer Time began on 21 May and ended on 1 October.

However, more recently adjustments to dates were made. The British Summer Time Act was then created in 1972 which started the tradition in late March (subject to the date of Easter) and late October.

Do all countries have daylight savings time?

Daylight savings has long been a tradition in the UK but not every country adapts their clocks for the tradition. Around only 40% of the world's countries change their clocks and these are commonly in the Northern hemisphere. In fact there have often been calls to get rid of British Summer Time due to changes in weather and daylight overtime.