As (nearly) all offices are closed, most people are being strongly advised to work from home. This is great in some ways: you get to roll out of bed into your office, you get to chill with your pets all day, and get to have a proper good stare into other people's homes over video conferencing.

Working from home comes with its downsides, too. You may not have the tech or furniture at home that allow you to work comfortably. You may also have a couple of kids screaming at you for eight hours a day.

Swings and roundabouts.

We may not be able to look after your kids for you, but we can make sure you can invest in a top-notch office space for less. Go through Quidco to get cashback on office hardware, tech and furniture. You'll be taking over the world from the comfort of your home in no time.

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Get 5% cashback at Argos

Argos is essentially a one-stop shop for everything you need to create a comfortable work space. A range of chair and desks are on offer, from adjustable chairs for maximum rest and support to more chic Skandi and boutique numbers. With this trendy office furniture, you won't just feel comfortable when you're filling out those spreadsheets, you'll look good when you're doing it.

Argos desks also come in a range of prices and styles. Pick up something uber pratical, or maximise your home's feng shui with something sleek from Copenhagen.

Of course, you can have the best office furniture in the world but won't have much effect if you don't have any technology to work on. Need a new laptop, a PC, a monitor or any of the hardware that goes with it? Argos has you sorted. Pick up technology at Argos from the brands you can trust. And don't forget to get 5% cashback on top of that.

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Get up to 20% cashback on headphones at Currys PC World

One thing you may be missing from your usual office is peace and quiet. If you're staying in with your family or housemates, who are also working from home, it can quickly turn into a noisy affair.

Never fear. Quidco is here. And we're offering up to 20% cashback on noise-cancelling headphones, allowing you to work in silent bliss for less. For example, get 20% cashback on Skullcandy headphones. Shop on-ear and in-ear headphones in a range of prices. You'll be smashing out reports, listening to some sweet tunes, and happy in the knowledge that your cashback is on its way.

Not into Skullcandy headphones? We have multiple Currys PC World cashback rates on other audible devices, such as Sony speakers, Jam headphones, and Beats headphones.

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Get 4% cashback on the latest tech at

When you're working from home, is your friend. Not only do they have all the laptops and PCs you could want, they also offer other office essentials, such as printers, scanners, ink, and antivirus software.

Now you're staying at home, you may want to up your TV game. You can get 4% cashback on televisions and home-cinema equipment — perfect for curling up on the sofa and watching a good film when you can't go to the pub.

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