By James Smythe, owner of Mighty Gadget

White goods, TVs and speakers are popular deals during Black Friday with many people looking for significant discounts on electronics that usually cost hundreds or more.

Audio & Visual

Companies like Tesco and Asda are famous for having affordable deals in store. And it has caused chaos in the past. There is no need to fight over a new TV when you can pick up amazing deals online, and get cashback on top through Quidco.

With most of the 2019 TVs being out for several months, prices have been dropping for the newer models. But it is always worth looking at last year’s options, as this is where you can make big savings.

TVs to look out for this Black Friday


OLED is regarded by most people as the best display technology for TVs, as it’s able to produce blacks that no other LED TV can match. The LG C9 has been one of the best OLED TVs of the year, offering a superb balance of performance and cost.

While it is pretty expensive, it’s cheaper than comparable models from Sony and others. While this lacks HDR10+, it does feature Dolby Vision.

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Samsung RU8000 – Sizes from 49-inch to 65-inch

The 55-inch size has become the most popular choice in recent years, but for many, it is a little too large. The Samsung RU8000 starts at 49-inch and is one of the best performance-per-pound options on the market.

The Samsung Smart OS has all the features you could want, including Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support. Samsung has chosen to use the HDR10+ format for their TVs which offers a similar level of performance to Dolby Vision.

Hisense 65B7100UK

A big TV that is a lot better than the price would suggest. While it will never compete with its OLED counterparts, you get all the important stuff, such as HDR10 and HLG support, Amazon, Netflix and Freeview Play.

There is no Dolby Vision or HDR10+, and you won’t get the deep blacks a more expensive set can achieve, but you will be hard-pressed to find a TV this size that can compete with the quality of the Hisense for anywhere near this price.

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Speakers to look out for this Black Friday

TVs produce poor quality sound. That’s a fact. There is just not enough space for powerful speakers. Soundbars are the most convenient way to improve the sound quality of your TV, and they have quickly become the most popular solution. Though if you are not shy of wires, you will never beat a proper multi-speaker system using a dedicated home cinema amplifier.

Sonos Beam

The Sonos Beam is the smaller and more affordable soundbar from Sonos, it now features HDMI giving it excellent compatibility with audio formats and supports CEC (consumer electronics control).

This means that thanks to voice support on the Sonos Beam, you can turn on your TV and adjust the volume with voice commands. Sonos has the best support on the market for music streaming including Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, and Deezer.

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Yamaha YAS207

Yamaha is the leading soundbar company and the YAS207 is a superb affordable solution at around £249. With a dedicated subwoofer this should be able to produce deeper bass than the Sonos it’s  great for movie fans.

Yamaha has developed their own YSP (Yamaha Sound Projection) technology – designed to emulate a surround-sound experience from a single soundbar and uses DTS’s latest codec: DTS Virtual:X. This aims to simulate sound delivered by a 7.1.4 set-up.

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Q Acoustics M2

A well-reviewed soundbase and What Hi-Fi awards winner, the Q Acoustics M2 is exceptional value for money at around £170 currently and will provide a considerable improvement over TV audio. This includes include HDMI in and out as well as optical and RCA inputs, allowing you to connect other devices.

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Other AV Tech

Amazon Fire Stick 4K

While the built-in smart TV functions are good enough for most TVs, buying an external device will offer better all-round performance and improved usability. The Amazon Fire Stick 4K HDR is one of the best devices available offering all the catchup channels, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube.

You can also install Plex and Kodi to stream your own content. It is one of the few devices that supports both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision and best of all, the RRP is just £49.99. Even better, on Prime Day this was reduced to £24.99. So we can hope for a similar deal this Black Friday.

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Washing Machines to look out for this Black Friday

Due to the moving parts in a washing machine and the fact that they can be difficult or expensive to repair sometimes, it is recommended to get a washing machine with a free extended warranty when possible.

Samsung WW90J5456MA Ecobubble 9KG Washing Machine

One of the main selling points for Samsung machines is the 5-year guarantee as standard. This is a popular model at a reasonable price providing a load capacity of 9kg and a 1400rpm spin speed.

The ecobubble marketing claims to mix air, water and detergent to create bubbles that penetrate your clothes faster, helping you wash at cooler temperatures. The washing machine is also compatible with an app that allows you to do troubleshooting in the event of an error.

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Bosch WAN28201GB 8KG Washing Machine

A well-reviewed mid-range washing machine with an 8KG load and 1400rpm spin. The brushless motor should mean this runs quieter than competing models though it is still rated at 55dB. There are plenty of modes, including 15- and 30-minute super quick cycles. If bought from John Lewis you will get a 2-year guarantee, and Bosch do frequent 5-year promotions.

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Fridges and freezers to look out for this Black Friday

There are a lot of fridge freezer options on the market, at various sizes and prices. Some of the top of the range models from LG and Samsung have an assortment of smart features. With LG using a tap to view functionality allowing you to see inside your fridge without opening, and Samsung has a display with apps and music streaming built-in.

While these would be great to have, they are not the most affordable, and the best deals will come with some more traditional style appliances.

LG GSL761PZXV American Style Fridge Freezer

If you have a kitchen big enough, and doors wide enough to get it in, there is nothing better than a big American style fridge freezer with a water and ice dispenser. This is a no plumb option. It uses a water tank instead of being plugged into the mains.

Boasting more than 600 litres of usable space, this massive model will easily store all of your families groceries for weeks at a time.

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Bosch KGN34NW3AG Freestanding Fridge Freezer

Smaller and more affordable than the LG, this will be more practical for many people. At 60cm wide this should provide no issues with getting it into your home, and the fridge has a 192L capacity which the freezer has 105L. It includes a no frost functions reducing maintenance of the freezer section.

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Other Appliances

Lots of small appliances go on sale during Black Friday many of which focus on healthier cooking over traditional means or attempting to simplify things.

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

The Instant Pot Duo is the perfect appliance for anyone that loves batch cooking and slow cooking. Using pressure cooking, you can achieve the same results as what would take six hours with slow cooking but in under an hour.

With this being electric and self-venting, it lacks the risks people associate with traditional stovetop pressure cooking. The 7-in-1 functionality provides multiple cooking options, including slow cooking, rice cooking, saute, steamer, and even a yoghurt maker.

While this is currently £110 the lowest it has been on Amazon is £69.99, there are also many other brands available offering the same functionality so worth keeping an eye on during the Black Friday sales.

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Cosori Air Fryer

The Cosori Air Fryer is effectively a mini fan-assisted convection oven that allows you to cook food quickly and offers a healthy alternative to deep fat frying. In order to get the fried effect you only need to spray your food with a small amount of oil.

It is an easy to use device with plenty of presets as well as the option to set your own temperature and times. This is another product where there are dozens of competing brands, all offering the same functionality, so keep an eye out for the best discounts.

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