This World Mental Health Day, we’re helping the good people at boohoo and boohooMAN raise money and awareness through their #ColourAffectsYou campaign.

The brands have created t-shirts that allow you to express what colour makes you happiest. You can pick your favourite out of seven feel-good hues.

If you purchase your #ColourAffectsYou t-shirt through Quidco, not only will you get cashback, but we’ll match the amount of cashback you earn and give it to the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH), the people behind World Mental Health Day.

You’ll be able to get some extra cash for yourself, and you’ll be raising even more for mental health.

Each t-shirt is available for £10, and boohoo and boohooMAN will give 25% of the proceeds to WFMH.

Here’s how to get cashback and give more to WFMH:

Since 1948, WFMH have done amazing work in raising mental health awareness, preventing disorders, and providing proper treatment for those who suffer from mental illnesses.

In joining this campaign and choosing a colour that makes you happy, you’ll be helping WFMH continue their essential work… and you’ll look good while you’re doing it.