Are you a regular Morrisons shopper? Check out these amazing tips to help you save money when you shop online and in-store at Morrisons!

How to save money at Morrisons

1. Join the Morrisons More loyalty scheme

One of the easiest ways to save money at Morrisons is to join their More loyalty scheme and download the app.

You'll receive regular perks and personalised deals, exclusive discounts, and exciting 'basket bonus' offers, where you could receive a surprise like a free bunch of flowers, £5 off your next shop, or a treat from the bakery.

2. Get cashback online and in-store

Shop for Morrisons groceries online via Quidco and get exclusive cashback rates (currently £3.68 for new customers and 1.6% for existing customers.)

Plus, download Quidco ClickSnap for free and bag yourself cashback deals and freebies in-store to save money on your weekly shop.

3. Score yellow sticker bargains

Morrisons has a fab yellow sticker bargains section, where you can pick up meat, ready meals, and fresh produce like yoghurts and milk at a reduced price. You can also pick up reduced bargains from the bakery too.

4. Pick up wonky veg

Morrisons are also champions when it comes to selling wonky vegetables at a discount rate. They sell a box of wonky veg for £3.50 that could help feed your family for a week!

These vary in produce but typically include things like carrots, onions, peppers, potatoes, berries, and more.

If you're only after certain items, they now have a whole wonky veg selection where you can buy individual packets of wonky fruit and veg for a fraction of the price.

5. Get a Morrisons delivery pass

If you order groceries online with Morrisons regularly, you could save up to a whopping £167 a year by purchasing a delivery pass.

Choose a monthly, six month, or annual option, and enjoy delivery times from Monday-Sunday with an anytime pass, or Tuesday-Thursday with a midweek option.  

6. Apply for a blue light membership to get 10% discount

Have you heard of a Blue Light membership? If you're in the emergency services, you can pick up a card for just £4.99 a month and access over a staggering 15,000 discounts from a range of retailers.

This includes Morrisons, where you can get a generous 10% discount off your shop every time you visit the store.

7. Take advantage of student discounts

Speaking of discounts, Morrisons also has occasional welcome offers, available exclusively for students.

You may also receive extra More points when you're shopping as a student, as well as bonus points for downloading the app. So, if you're a student, make sure you take advantage of these when you see them!

8. Pick up a Morrisons Too Good To Go bag

Have you heard of Too Good To Go? It's a great app that helps reduce waste by offering food from shops and restaurants that would otherwise be thrown out.

Download the app and join for free, and pick up a Morrisons 'Magic Bag' filled with £10 worth of fruit, veg, deli and bakery products for as little as £3 per bag.

9. Free click & collect

If you're in a position to pick up your shopping, Morrisons offers a free click and collect service, which can help you save time and money!

10. Shop Morrisons Savers range

Shop the Morrisons Savers range and get all your essential items such as cereal, toilet roll, and more for less. Plus, get Savers recipe ideas here.

11. Look out for baby & back to school bargains

Morrisons has regular baby sale events throughout the year, where you can pick up baby clothing, toys, nappies, and more for a bargain price.

Plus, they also have very generous back to school deals, where you can get school uniforms, with shirts items such as polo shirts starting from just £2.50!

12. Feed your kids for free at Morrisons cafe

All that shopping is bound to build up an appetite for you and your family! Treat yourself and the kids and feed a family of four for just £10 in Morrisons cafe, including two adult meals, two kids meals, and drinks.  

Even better, you can currently get one free meal from the kids menu with any adult meal purchased with a value of £4.99 or over.