It's January, which means it's holiday booking time. Not only is the gloomy weather driving people to find something to look forward to, but travel companies are slashing their prices. So you can get a great deal on this year's holiday or business travel for a lot less.

And the fun doesn't stop there. If you shop the travel sales through Quidco you can get cashback on top of the brilliant deals. Traditionally, Quidco members end up making back a significant amount of cashback on travel. That extra money can go towards treating yourself when you go away.

When you think of budgeting your travel, you think of flights and accommodation. But there's so much more that goes into it. We're talking car rental, airport parking, sun cream, clothes, activities, travel insurance, more suncream, shuttles, swimwear, ski hire, and more sun cream.

In other words, it can add up. Luckily, you can get cashback on all of those things if you buy them through Quidco. So get cashback on your everything you need for your trip, and you can really start to see that money pile up.

We've crunched the numbers, and the average Quidco member makes £72 cashback on each trip.

Don't take my word for it. Here's what people have made in cashback from their holidays.

Martyn — Couple's holiday

For his wedding anniversary, Martyn booked a road trip from San Francisco to LA for him and his wife. Along the way, they stopped off at Universal Studios, Alcatraz and the Grand Canyon. They also booked flights to Las Vegas from LA, then a flight back to San Francisco.

The best bit? They did it all in style in this Ford Mustang (pictured).

Martyn and Ruth at the Grand Canyon

Now Martyn did everything — the flights to the states, hotels, rented the Mustang, day trips, internal flights — all through Expedia. And he bought everything at Expedia through Quidco, meaning that he got cashback on everything he bought.

Overall, Martyn got back £170 in cashback! This was a nice little sum to go towards his next holiday.

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Emily — Family holiday

Last year Emily took her husband and two kids on a 10-day holiday to Greece. Everyone had a great time.

That length of holiday with a family of four doesn't normally come cheap, but Emily is a savvy shopper and she uses Quidco religiously.

She booked the accommodation, a nice all-inclusive hotel by the beach with a pool, for everyone for just £2,101 at Expedia (Emily booked it in January, when the deals were out). She went to Expedia through Quidco and managed to get and massive £319 cashback on top.

More fun than it looks

She also bought her flights through Jet2 and got another £1.30 cashback added to the mix. Woop woop!

All in all, Emily made £320 in cashback on something she was going to buy anyway — that's around 10% of the original cost. She says she spent the money she made back on a new iPhone.

Tony — Business travel

Travel isn't just all holidays. People travel all over the world for business, too. Sometimes emails and phone calls just aren't enough, and your actual presence is needed.

One such person is Tony. He flies and stays in hotels all over the world for work. The breadth of where he goes for business is endless. We're talking: London, Berlin, Perth, Seychelles, Oslo, Frankfurt, New York, Bucharest and many many more.

As you can imagine, so many flights and hotels can get expensive. But Tony uses Quidco every time he books a flight, hotel, car rental, airport parking or anything he may need to ensure his business trips go smoothly.

He's never loyal to one travel company, and always shops around for the best deal. Fortunately, Quidco has an abundance of travel retailers, so he can compare deals from lots of different brands and still get cashback on Quidco. Previously, he's got cashback at Expedia,,, Skyscanner, Opodo, Qatar, Emirates, Vueling, and

Over the years, Tony has made a huge £4k in cashback from business travel alone. He says he reinvests this money into his business, and spends it on future travel, ultimately lowering his overheads.

Nick — Lads' holiday

Nick booked his dream holiday, Barbados for him and his mates in January — a well-needed bit of winter sun. He found that there's a lot that goes into a holiday in a destination so far away. He had to account for flights, hotels, airport parking, airport transfers and travel insurance. It all adds up.

Nick found a great deal on ebookers. So he went to ebookers through Quidco in order to get some sweet cashback on top of his holiday.

For his flights, hotel and airport transfers, he made a grand total of £222 in cashback. On top of that, he made £9 cashback in airport parking and £11 cashback on his travel insurance. This all adds up to a tidy £242 in cashback. Well done, Nick.

He also made 10p cashback on sun cream. It all helps.

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