One of most important conversations that happens over the festive period is which tin of chocolates are the best. Back in the day, it used to be a toss up between the chocolate royalty; Roses and Quality Street. But the newer kids on the block, Heroes and Celebrations, are now legitimate contenders for the coffee table. And so it got us thinking, 'What are the nation's fave choccies?' This of course led us down a rabbit hole to find out the biggest chocoholics, too!

So what did we find?

This may come as a surprise, but your nan's old faithful, the OG of tinned (we know most tins have been replaced with plastic tubs now) confectionary, Quality Street, are the most loved chocolates in the UK, with more online searches than Roses, Heroes and Celebrations. Even the residents of the home of Cadbury, Birmingham, appear taken with Quality Street.

The nation's favourite chocolates - Quality Street

Celebrations, which burst onto the scene in 1997 take second spot, Cadbury Heroes are third, and trailing in last spot are Cadbury Roses.

We all love a bit of choccie every now and then, but Belfast is officially the capital of the UK when it comes to chocolates. More online searches for Quality Street, Cadbury Roses, Cadbury Heroes and Celebrations are made per person than anywhere else in the UK. Ta the other end of the scale, however, the residents of Newport in Wales appear to have a more savoury tooth, making the least number of searches per person.

The official leaderboard:

UK wide searches:
Quality Street - 39,900
Celebrations - 22,900
Cadbury Heroes - 17,640
Cadbury Roses - 14,300

The sweetest-toothed cities:
1. Belfast, Northern Ireland
2. Salisbury, England
3. Newcastle upon Tyne, England
4. Manchester, England
5. Inverness, Scotland
6. Bournemouth, England
7. Peterborough, England
8. Leeds, England
9. Hove, England
10. Bristol, England

Despite not being able to buy any of these direct from their manufacturers online, searches for Roses, Quality Street and Heroes spike during the festive season. Celebrations, however, seem to be more popular in summer, with searches peaking in May.


We looked at searches per city on Mangools on Nov 1oth 2020 and used the previous 12 month data.
We used the top three searches for; Roses chocolates, Quality Street chocolates, Heroes chocolates, Celebrations chocolates, to find the search volume
Population data was used from:
We then looked at total UK annual searches for each chocolate on Nov 10th 2020.