There's always one, isn't there? You go to open your Christmas presents. Your Mum's bought you something nice to wear. Your brother has got you that book you've been meaning to read. Your sister has got you something tasteful.

Then comes Dad's present. Something so poorly thought out and useless that you can't ask for the receipt quick enough. You're not the only one that's experienced this.

One quarter of people think dads are the worst gift buyers, pipping aunts and uncles, brothers, significant others, and even grandparents, to take the title.

Mums on the other hand pretty much always hit the nail on the head with gifts, being crowned the best present buyers - beating out wives, girlfriends, and female fiancés to the top spot. Only 2.35% of people agree that presents from mothers are among the worst they receive.

When asked the question below, this is how people responded.

Who are the worst gift buyers?

Dads — 26.09%
Aunts and uncles — 17.13%
Brothers — 13.61%
Godparents —10.09%
Grandparents — 9.74%
Cousins — 6.87%
Significant others - Male — 6.00%
Sisters — 5.26%
Significant other - Female —2.87%
Mums — 2.35%

Didn't get the gift you wanted this Christmas?

Well it turns out you're not in a minority. 75% of people have returned a gift they've received and got either a refund or exchanged it for something else entirely. Women tend to return gifts more than men with 43% admitting to returning at least one present, while 31% of men say they have taken one back.

Some people decide to forgo returning an unwanted present, instead opting to regift. You've just got to be careful that you don’t give it back to the person who gave it to you in the first place!

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Quidco commissioned eOpinion to survey 2,300 nationally representative adults between 18th and 24th November 2019