Looking for stress-free ways to save money when shopping for groceries at Asda? Quidco has got you covered!

If you're a regular Asda shopper looking to save some cash, we've found all the ways you can cut back costs during the cost of living crisis (and beyond!)

From in-store deals to online shopping secrets, here are our top tips to help you save money on your Asda weekly shop.

Asda supermarket cashback

How to save money in-store at Asda

1. Shop the Asda Smart Price & Just Essentials range

Asda has a value range called Smart Price, where you can find essential products and meal makers such as cereal, tinned goods, meat, ready meals, and much more for a fraction of the price of branded goods.

All of the Smart Price food range is free from artificial colours, flavours and hydrogenated fat, and Asda state they are committed to providing a great choice of family essentials at a fair price, to help your food budget go further.

They also recently launched a 'Just Essentials' range to help customers cope with the cost of living crisis, where you can save money on even more products such as shampoo and washing powder.

2. Pick up yellow sticker bargains

Like many other supermarkets, Asda has yellow sticker discounts up for grabs for things like meat, bakery items like bread and cakes, dairy products, and more.

These tend to be products that are due to expire either that day or the day after, but items such as meat can always be frozen, and bakery goods can be used in other recipes to make your yellow sticker bargains stretch further and help you save even more money.

Asda reduces the price of items throughout the day, with the best times to go being early morning or late evening, around an hour before the store closes.

There is also a clearance shelf in bigger stores dedicated to products that are about to expire, where you can bag bargains on drinks, crisps, toiletries, and more.

3. Use Quidco ClickSnap to get cashback on products in-store

Did you know you can get cashback on various products using Quidco ClickSnap? This is a supermarket cashback app, which is packed full of discounts and freebies that you pick up as normal in-store.

Once you get home, upload a photo of your receipt and Quidco will reimburse the cashback into your account.

4. Take note of the try me, love me refund policy

If you buy an Asda branded product and you're not 100% happy, take it back to their customer service desk with your receipt and let them know.

Even if you simply didn't enjoy the taste of something and just return the packaging, they'll refund the cost of the item. How good is that?? Check their returns policy for more information.

5. Speak to staff and get a Smiley voucher

This one is top secret! All Asda staff carry a book of 'smiley vouchers' which they reward at their discretion.

If perhaps you see an item that's out of stock and raise this politely with a member of staff, or are waiting for a long time in a queue, they may give you one of these much coveted vouchers.

They have a value of 50p, which can be used to knock money off your shop. Sure, it won't save you a fortune, but it's nice to receive one!

Don't automatically expect or ask for one though, as it's completely up to the individual staff member whether they give you one or not.

6. Pick up a wonky veg box

Asda was one of the first supermarkets to sell 'wonky' vegetables in boxes way back in 2016 and continue to sell these in their stores today. Each box contains misshapen veggies, still high in nutritional quality and perfectly edible.

The boxes work out much cheaper, costing just £3.50 rather than a whopping £20, which is what it would cost to purchase the same vegetables separately off the shelf. So it's definitely worth keeping an eye out for these on your next shop!

7. Trial ASDA Rewards loyalty scheme

Asda are currently trialling an exciting new loyalty app scheme called Asda Rewards! Download the app and scan it every time you shop to get exclusive digital vouchers and cash rewards.

8. Save towards Christmas with an Asda Christmas savings card

It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas! Take the pressure off the cost of the festive season with an Asda Christmas savings card.

Every time you shop you can choose to add to your savings card, which Asda will then top up with a bonus reward:

Savings on cardBonus reward
£30 - £79£1
£80 - £129£3
£130 - £179£6
£180 - £229£9
£230 - £279£12

You can cash out your savings in November, which can be used both online and in-store on groceries and at George, perfect if you've got your eye on a glitzy outfit for the Christmas party!

How to save money online at Asda

9. Get cashback when you shop online

Shop for Asda groceries online via Quidco and get super generous cashback rates (currently £12.10 for new customers and £3.63 for existing customers when you spend £40 or more.)

Plus, get exclusive Quidco member vouchers to stack deals and save even more, including seasonal deals such as two for £7 on their BBQ range and 4-for-3 on picnic food. Delicious!

10. Get an Asda delivery pass

Do you shop online with Asda regularly? Purchasing a delivery pass could help you save up to a whopping £199 per year!

An anytime 12-month pass costs just £6 per month and has lots of benefits, including next day delivery, priority slots, and a savings guarantee - where Asda will reward you the difference via an eVoucher if you haven't saved money using the pass that year.

11. Sign up for regular deals & offers

Like most brands, Asda has an email subscriber option, where you can sign up to get regular updates and exclusive deals such as £5 off your first £40 online shop. Don't miss out!

More ways to save money at your nearest Asda

12. Top up your fuel at an Asda petrol station

It's probably no surprise that supermarket petrol stations are often a cheaper place to fill up, and Asda is no exception.

With 320 petrol stations around the country supplying high-quality, cheap fuel, you're bound to save cash filling up while you shop at Asda.

Check out more top tips in our blog post: 20 useful tips to save money on fuel & get cheap petrol

13. Join the Asda Baby Club

Are you expecting or know someone who is? Join the Asda Baby Club for free and get unlimited guidance, inspiration, and selected offers straight into your inbox.

The best part? Get exclusive details about Asda Baby & Toddler events, where you can snap up some amazing savings and brilliant prices on a range of popular baby and toddler must-haves.

14. Check out financial products from Asda Money

Did you know Asda also offers competitive rates on money products including insurance, travel money, and personal loans?

Check out Asda Money for more information next time you're looking for financial products online and you could save money here too.

15. Join Facebook groups for flash deals

If you're on Facebook, make sure you join bargains and deals groups like Quidco Rocks to stay up to date on all the latest savings and reductions. Members often post deals as soon as they find them so make sure you check these regularly.

What are you waiting for? Find your nearest Asda store here and start saving today!