No one likes forking out on bills. In fact, we spend over £3,600^ on bills every year – more than 10% of the median household’s disposable income~. But the savvy of you will know you can make sure you don’t overpay on your bills by switching providers regularly.

Utilities such as gas and electric can be switched every two years if you’re on a fixed tariff, whereas broadband, car insurance and home insurance can usually be moved very 12 months. Although you may not save thousands if you stay on top of them and switch often, keeping an eye out for deals and price caps can save you three figures every year.

But now there’s a way you can save even more money... with Quidco Compare.

The new and improved Quidco Compare, created with industry leaders, offers everyone the same great range of providers as any other UK comparison website, but with cashback on top. That means you’ll get the cheapest deal every time. And thanks to our unrivalled cashback, you can earn nearly £300 by switching just a couple of your bills through us – on top of the savings already pocketed.

Yes you read that right. So how can you do it?

There’s £35 cashback up for grabs for those switching (or taking out) a car insurance policy, and up to £35 on home insurance policies. So that’s up to £70 cashback when both are taken out.

Ofgem’s recent price cap means that if you switch now, you can save an average of £84, but if you switch through Quidco Compare, you’ll also get £40 cashback on top.

And now for the biggie. if working form home has made you realise your internet provider isn't all that, it's time to switch. If you’re not satisfied with your broadband provider, not only could you save a bit of money and get a better connection, but you’ll also get up to £171 cashback. Win-win.

So by our maths that’s £281, in cash, in your pocket! The only thing left to do is decide what you want to spend it on.

^ average household bill for,(50 pence per day)