According to Which? millions of us are paying more than we need to for our broadband. As cost of living increases continue to take their toll on households across the UK, we’re sharing our top tips to keep your broadband bill low.

How to save money on your broadband bill

1. Get paid to switch broadband providers

One of the best ways to save money on your broadband is to get paid to switch. Providers will often have welcome incentives such as gift cards or cash bonuses to tempt you into signing up to a contract with them.

Quidco also works with a range of providers including BT, Sky, and Virgin Media to offer up to a whopping £200 cashback when you sign up as a new customer, depending on which package you require.

Don't forget to check out our Quidco Compare broadband tool to find the best deal for you.

The ideal time to switch is right before Spring, as providers tend to increase across costs around then. If you don't switch, you will more likely be charged a higher rate.

Contracts often run for 12, 18, or 24 months, so if you can time it right and lock in a good deal before then, this will definitely help you save money on your broadband bill.

2. Haggle with your current provider

If you don't like the idea of switching broadband providers, then you can always haggle with your current provider. Have a look at your current plan and compare a few deals online.

Then, call, email, or live chat with your existing provider and tell them that you're a a loyal customer who loves their service and that you really don't want to leave.

Explain the offers you've found elsewhere and see if they are willing to match an offer you've found. If you find yourself in a bit of a stalemate position with them, it might be best to just bite the bullet and switch to a cheaper alternative.

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3. Consider if a bundle deal is right for you

If you have a paid TV subscription or service, it could be worth weighing up if it makes better financial sense to get a package broadband and TV deal from the same provider, rather than pay for these services separately.

Perhaps you're in the opposite position and are looking to cancel your TV package, as you don't use it anymore? Or you may have found a better deal by keeping a TV package and separate broadband offer?

It's always worth having a quick to see if your current bills are serving you well, or whether it's time to look for a better deal.

4. Check if you’re eligible for a social broadband tariff

Did you know if you're on a low income or claiming certain benefits then you could be eligible for a social broadband tariff? This could save you on average £144 on your broadband bill.

There are a range of tariffs available from various providers, many starting from just £15 per month, as opposed to the standard average of £35 per month.

Check out this guide to find out more information on social broadband tariffs.

5. Refer a friend or family member

In addition to customers welcome incentives, many companies like BT, Plusnet, and Sky also have refer a friend schemes, where they offer you a gift card or cash bonus every time you refer someone and they join.

The best part? Your friend(s) or family member(s) will also receive a little welcome bonus too so it's definitely worth it for both parties!

What to do if you can’t pay your broadband bill

In recent times, you may find it difficult to pay your bills, but don't worry if this is the case, help is available.

In the first instance, speak to your broadband provider and explain your circumstances. They may be able to put you on a payment plan that is better suited to your current financial situation.

If you're unsure what to do next or can't afford this either, speak to an impartial organisation like Citizens Advice or a charity such as Money Advice Trust who will offer helpful guidance on what to do if you're struggling to pay your bills.  

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