For people who have never heard of cashback, the concept can be quite strange. Shopping online as you would normally, but getting paid for it? Although it might sound like a sort of free money fantasy, cashback is very real.

And there’s more to it than meets the eye. As well as tucking into thousands of cashback deals from thousands of retailers, at Quidco, we have a few other ways you maximise your earnings.

Feast your eyes on our list of the best ways to make the most of cashback and decide for yourself whether Quidco is worth it.

You’ve got a friend in me

Earn some bucks with your buddies and refer one (or many) of your friends to Quidco. It’s a speedy, straightforward process and earns both of you a reward.

From our point of view, it’s a no brainer; the perfect opportunity to make some money and become the most popular member of your peer group by making them money too.

Or you can take Sally's approach and play the long game.

Start things off by spreading the word and sharing a unique referral link with your friends. Get your friends to have a shop around on the Quidco website and make a purchase that’ll earn them a minimum of £5 cashback.

Once one of your friends has £5 confirmed cashback, the mission is complete and you’ll both receive your reward. It’s a classic case of the more the merrier, so keep sharing and keep earning.

The referral bonus amount may increase or decrease over time, so keep an eye out for what's currently advertised on the website.

To get your unique referral link, click HERE.

Payout bonuses

Convert your cashback into gift cards and reap the rewards.

When you come to withdrawing the cashback you’ve earned, you have a few choices. You can either withdraw the money straight into your bank or Paypal account or choose from our list of payout partners for an additional cash boost in the form of a gift card.

There are some huge bonuses to capitalise on, so if you’ve got your eye on a particular something from a particular retailer, the payout bonus might be the move for you.

If you fancy leaning towards the selfless side, like Emma, you can use your payout bonuses to gift to someone else.

Quidco savings payout bonus customer comment

To try this for yourself, go to the main Quidco site, hover over your account where it says ‘you’ve earned’ and click on ‘payments’. Have a gander at all the options available to you and, once you’ve found the retailer you’re interested in, click withdraw.

Your cashback will then whiz over to your email address in the form of an e-gift card to be used with that particular retailer.

Have a quick read through the terms and conditions for your chosen retailer to see if you can use your gift card online, in store or both.

If you want to properly make the most payout bonuses, become a Quidco Premium member and you’ll be entitled to up to 20% higher bonus rates.

Become a Quidco Premium member by clicking HERE.

The voucher code and cashback marriage

The opportunity to entwine the saving powers of voucher codes and cashback is not one to be sniffed at. At Quidco, we’ve brought the two together to deliver mega rewards with some of our partnered brands.

Keep your eyes peeled for voucher codes whilst you browse retailers on the Quidco website. If you find a voucher code for a specific retailer, click on the voucher box to reveal the code, then copy the code and paste it into the relevant section once you’re into the retailer’s website.

The voucher code will earn you a tasty discount and the cashback in your Quidco account will be enough to keep you satisfied. Maybe even as satisfied as Phil...

Quidco cashback voucher customer comment

Also, it’s worth remembering that you can only use voucher codes advertised on Quidco. If you use a code that you've found externally, your cashback may not be tracked, or may be declined at a later date.

Free cashback

Just when you thought getting paid for shopping online couldn’t get any better, in steps free cashback. This is a clever little way of making some extra change whilst browsing the Quidco website. You wouldn't be the only person in on the act either.

Under the Free Cashback section you’ll find our partnered brands offering cashback for things like new registrations and free trials. You’ll also find all the hottest deals where the cashback you earn is actually higher than what you pay.

You’re unlikely to make heaps and heaps of cashback but, as the saying goes, every little helps.

Take a look for yourself and head over to the Free Cashback page by clicking HERE.

The best dates for the best deals

To really make the most of cashback, you’ll need to pencil some crucial dates into your diary. When certain days of the year come around, cashback rates can increase to mind bogglingly high rates. And there’s one particular day that stands out among the crowd as the real top dog of cashback town, Black Friday.

Appearing on the last Friday of November every year, Black Friday has boomed in popularity in recent years. We’re all familiar with the annual megastore carnage; herds of eager deal hunters bundling through lines of security before crowd surfing out armed to the teeth with TVs.

We figured it was much easier to sit at home and get the best deals with even better cashback. In 2019, our cashback rates doubled with a vast number of major retailers on the big day, resulting in unimaginable savings.

Black Friday isn’t the only time of year to keep your eye on. There are plenty of other periods throughout the year where you can exploit the market and maximise your savings.

For more information on the best times to buy pretty much anything check out our guide by clicking HERE.