The lockdown has done weird things to our love lives. It’s either made us spend almost the entirety of our time with our romantic partners or none at all. On March 24th, Boris Johnson gave couples who weren’t living together two choices: either move in with each other or stay separated.

We want to hear your tales of love in the time of coronavirus. Stories from people in all kinds of relationships are welcome. Tell us...

  • If you’ve been married for years, possibly have kids and are now stuck indoors
  • If you’re separated or divorced and are separated from your kids
  • If you’ve recently moved in together, due to the lockdown
  • If you’re in a relationship or have just started dating, and you’re separated
  • If you’re single and have been using dating apps to find love under lockdown

We’re after the positives and the negatives. Perhaps you’re over the moon that you get to spend more time with your other half. Maybe distance has made the heart grow fonder.

On the other hand, you may have noticed your partner’s annoying habits. Or you could be missing that special someone.

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