The autumn season always feels like a majestic time of the year, with colourful leaves that beautifully cover the trees and the ground. Whether you’re looking for something fun to do for your children, yourself or as a family, we at Quidco have got you covered with 12 of the best autumn activities to help you make the most of this beautiful time of year.

Autumn outdoor activities

As the leaves begin to turn golden and the weather begins to cool, it is the perfect time to wrap up warm to embrace the fresh air and take part in some fun activities for the whole family to enjoy! There are plenty of outdoor activities that you can enjoy this autumn if you really wish to experience an autumnal glow. Here are some outdoor activities that the whole family can enjoy this autumn.

Nature walk

For those craving a relaxing day out, nothing quite tops a walk across the crispy autumn leaves that have begun to fall from the tree tops. The fresh air and the adventure of the outdoors are something the whole family can enjoy, as adults can relax and embrace the scenery, while the children have plenty to get on with such as playing in the fallen leaves.

Walking tour

A walking tour could be an exciting activity to do this autumn. Virgin Experience Days is offering a York Witches & History Walking Tour with potion making for two adults and two children. For £39, you will receive a 60-minute unique walking tour that features historical tales that focus on witchcraft, including a fun potion making session that’s guaranteed to be the highlight of the adventure. The Shambles in York will feature on the tour and is thought to be the inspiration behind Diagon Alley from Harry Potter!

Harvest festival

Most harvest festivals host a number of activities, such as live events, music entertainment, and singing hymns. A harvest festival gives you the chance to appreciate the crops, vegetables and fruit during their peak season while teaching the children about the meaning behind the wonderful festival.

Head to a theme park

Visiting a theme park may be more commonly known as a summer activity, but autumn is still a good time of year to go. Alton Towers is perhaps the most popular theme park in the UK, and, as with every year, it will be hosting special Bonfire Night events to enjoy this November (4th, 5th and 6th), including an Ultimate Firework Spectacular!

Autumn animal activities

Autumn can be the perfect time of year to do activities that involve animals. This could be going to see animals or even doing activities with your own pets.

Visit a farm

There are many parks and farms all around the UK where you can sit and watch a variety of different animals, with deer being one of the most popular to visit during the autumn months. Everyone in the family will be sure to enjoy a day out at a farm and it will be a moment to remember with your children, who may be seeing some of the animals in person for the very first time.

Go camping with your dog!

Camping during the autumn season can be an extremely pleasant time, and this experience may get even better with the company of man’s best friend. Having your dog come with you on a camping trip will be a fantastic night for both you and your furry friend, as you both take in the sights and sounds of nature.

Autumn cooking activities

Nothing gets you in the mood for autumn more than cooking delicious food associated with the autumn months. The bewitching smell of homemade food can increase your excitement for the colder nights ahead.

Homemade soup

Perhaps the perfect dish for the colder autumn months, making and eating a scrummy warm bowl of homemade soup will be sure to keep you and the family feeling cosy. The type of soup is completely up to you, as there are a variety of different options, such as pumpkin, chicken noodle, tomato, vegetable and mushroom.

Toffee apples

No other food screams autumn and Bonfire Night more than tucking into a flavoursome toffee apple. From picking the apples yourself, to creating the toffee and seeing the creation come to life, you always know it's autumn time when you see toffee apples. They are something for the whole family to enjoy!

Autumn craft activities

There are plenty of craft activities for the creative individuals out there. Taking some time to complete craft activities can be the perfect way to relax this autumn.

An autumnal wreath

Wreaths become increasingly popular as the year goes on. Autumnal wreaths can make a great feature for any home and will be perfect during the autumn months. A few ideas for some types of wreaths you can create include a pumpkin wreath, berry wreath, sunflower wreath, leaf wreath, crochet wreath, and many more!

Autumn garden activities

Sometimes you don’t need to venture too far to enjoy autumn activities, as you can do this from your own garden.

Toast marshmallows

If you fancy a more chilled outdoor activity, then why not gather everyone around a fire in your garden to toast some delicious marshmallows? Just make sure you don’t burn them! This can be a very relaxing experience during the autumn season, and it can be a memorable time for the whole family.

Raking and picking up leaves

Whilst on paper, this doesn’t seem like the most interesting thing to do, it can be turned into a fun activity for the whole family. You can get your children involved by making it a game of who can pick up and collect the most leaves. This turns a chore into something fun and active.

Autumn indoor activities

While the autumn weather tends to be nice, there will certainly be days when it’ll be quite gloomy and miserable outside. In that case, there are still some fun activities you can do indoors during autumn.

Family game night

A family game night is always a sure fire way to have fun if the weather isn’t to your taste. There are a bunch of classic games that you and your family can play, such as Monopoly, Cluedo and Jenga. No matter who is taking part, there are games for the whole family to enjoy. So this autumn, why not bust out your favourite board game and get your thinking caps on for a game of charades!


The most popular activity to do during the autumn season is pumpkin carving or decorating. This can involve going to a pumpkin patch, picking out the perfect pumpkin and carving it out to make jack o'lantern to get in the Halloween spirit. However, this is only popular until October 31st, as after this, Halloween is over and pumpkins are not used as much. After this, there is Bonfire Night, which is an autumn tradition to celebrate the failure of Guy Fawkes’ actions on November 5th.

What activities are the best to do during autumn?

As for the best activity to do during the autumn season, it is subjective and will differ depending on what you prefer. However, some of the activities that are regularly enjoyed by all ages are nature walks, relaxing by a fire, and camping.