There are the old tropes, rehashed and shaped by popular culture: women spend hundreds on shopping; women take ages to get ready; men can just wake up, shower and go. It's led to a sort of common thinking that women spend more money and time on clothes and grooming than men.

It's all lies, according to new research we've carried out on the purchasing behaviour between the sexes.

Men, as it happens, actually spend more on clothing and grooming than women... by quite some margin, in fact.

The average UK man will spend £71.48 on fashion a month. Women, on the other hand, only spend £52.40. That's a 25% difference.

And as for grooming and beauty, men spend almost £10 a month more than women. Whereas women fork out £46.29 on average, men spend £55.30 on things like haircuts, facials and manicures.

Why is this? There has certainly been a growing trend in male grooming over the last few decades. You could say it's due to changing attitudes to what makes a man and what makes a woman. As things have got a lot more metrosexual, the new generation of cosmopolitan men have no issue with spending more time and money on how they look.

You can see this trend on social media today. Not only are men comfortable with looking after things like their skincare routine at home, they've also no shame in showing it off to the world. Check out actor Chris Pratt showing off his face mask.

Talking of Instagram, with the rise of tech and social media, there's a need to look good 24/7. The days of rolling out of bed and out into the world have gone. Now there's the risk of someone taking your picture, posting it on social media, and you not looking absolutely fire in it. Nightmare.

Plus, with the megastars like Chris Pratt and Justin Bieber posting their skincare routines onto the web, many young men will feel inspired to do the same.

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