The Christmas tree is down and life has returned back to normal. You may be feeling a little blue as the excitement of the festive season wanes.

But never fear, Quidco is here. And we have some great cashback offer on top of the January sales. That means you can get the full benefit of the big brands slashing their prices, and get some cashback at the same time.

Whether you're the type of holidayer who wants to spend a week lying spread-eagle on a beach; the type who, itinerary in hand, explores every nook and cranny of a city; or the type who gets their adrenaline pumping on the ski slopes, you're sure to find a great price on your next holiday. Here's a roundup of some of the best deals we've come across, and the cashback rates you can get on top of them.

All deals and cashback rates were true at the time of publishing. They are subject to change.


Expedia is slashing the prices of hotels in countries all over the world. What's more, you can earn 8% cashback on top if you stay for more than one night (and why wouldn't you in these incredible locations?).

Orlando, Florida

Stay in the Liki Tiki Village by Diamond Resorts. This hotel is ideal for families who want to bask in the sun and activities of Florida. Expedia has slashed the price down to £53 from £70 per person per night. But if you add 8% Quidco cashback to that, and you can get the price down to under £49 pp.

Or head to the Westgate Towers Resort. This highly-reviewed and primely-located hotel has nights from £76 (down from £145). If you stay for more than one night, you can get 8% cashback on top, cutting the overall price down to under £70 per night. This should provide a great base for exploring the delights of Orlando.

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Expedia has dropped the prices of European hotels, such as in everybody's liberal city, Amsterdam. For example stay in the popular Levell Hotel. It's much admired for its great location and classy decor.

Right now you can a stay a night here for as little as £46 through Expedia. Get some Quidco cashback on that, and you can get it down to £42.60 a night. Those savings can be spent on making your holiday even more enjoyable.

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Ideal for a city break due to its cultural history, perfect Guiness and good craic, Dublin hotels are also going cheap on Expedia. Hotel St George by the Key Collection has rooms on offer from just £42. It's been highly rated by previous guests and puts you smack bang in the middle of where it's all happening.

That's not all. If you stay for more than one night you can get 8% Quidco cashback on top. This can put your price down to just £38.70!

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Virgin Holidays

There are city breaks, then there are the holidays of a life time. Virgin Holidays is slashing the prices of their flights and hotel packages in the far flung corners of the globe. What's more, you can get 2.6% cashback on these holidays. Here are some of the best we've seen.


This Caribbean island is one of those dream locations — beautiful locations, blissful sun and friendly people. And now with the Virgin Holidays January sale, you can get you, your family and friends there without having to remortgage your house.

Virgin Holidays is offering flights and a seven-night hotel stay from £645 per person (depending on which hotel you decide to stay at).

For example, you can stay at the Time Out Hotel. It's great for groups of friends, as it's ideally located both next to the stunning southern coast and a collection of popular restaurants, bars and clubs. You can get flights and a week-long stay for the jaw-dropping price of just £645. Add 2.6% Quidco cashback and it goes down to £629.

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Likewise, Virgin Holidays are offering some stunning deals on flights and hotel packages to Thailand, the tropical paradise known for its natural beauty, cuisine and full-moon parties.

You can grab flights and accommodation in Thailand from Virgin Holidays from £724 per person (depending on what hotel you stay in).

If you have your eyes on Phuket, Thailand's thriving coastal city, you could stay in the Patong Merlin Hotel. Close to both golden beaches and the bustling old town, this hotel is the perfect base for exploring the city.

With Virgin Holidays, you can get both flights and a seven-night hotel stay for just £743 per person. You can scoop up this brilliant deals for even less: £723 per person, when you add 2.6% cashback.

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Crystal Ski Holidays

Want to catch some slopes this winter/spring? Now's a good time to book, as Crystal Ski Holidays are offering some great prices. And if you head to one of the brand's Destination of the Month, or specifically the picturesque town of Passo Tonale, then you can get 3% Quidco cashback on top.

For instance, book a room for an all-inclusive seven night stay at Hotel Locanda Locatori from £406 per person. Equipped with a spa and wellness centre, this hotel also provides to resort centre and ski lifts.

Add 3% Quidco cashback to this already great deal, and you can get the original price down to £394 per person.

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