A new year means a new Quidco Hero. And this time it's Angelique Aldworth. Angelique was nominated by not one, not two, but three members of her community.

Angelique lives in Devon. Along with working a full-time job and bringing up two children, she spends all her free time volunteering as an under-15s girls' rugby coach. She's even undertaking a coaching degree at Exeter University with the aim to improve her skills.

We were inundated with positive and inspiring messages about Angelique. She's clearly had a significant impact on her community and is an inspiration to girls in sport.

This is what Laura Bryant, one of Angelique's nominators had to say about Angelique:

"Angelique has worked tirelessly to bring girls' and women’s rugby to Teignmouth in Devon. She works with the local club, our schools and coaches the under 15s all in her spare time in a voluntary capacity.

"Without her there would be no females playing rugby locally. She supports the girls with teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship. Plus bucket loads of humour and fun, which she pours out to everyone, whatever the weather.

"There are not many folk like Angelique these days, who alongside working full time, having a family and completing a coaching degree at Exeter University, give up ALL of their spare time to improve the lives of others. She enhances the community by coaching, training, learning and fundraising for the team. She is a superwoman and definitely our hero."

Laura's 14-year-old daughter, Alexandra, who is coached by Angelique has been hugely inspired by Angelique's efforts:

"When I first joined the team I was very nervous about playing and didn’t really know anything about the game. Over the past 12 months, I have learned to play, made lots of new friends and Angelique has supported me in getting more confidence in myself.

"I don’t go to school in my local town but by playing girls' rugby I have a whole new friendship group and a very supportive coach. Thank you Angelique!

Angelique is a huge campaigner for getting girls involved in sports. 14-year-old Emma said this about her coach.

"Ange came into our school because we’ve never had a girls rugby team ever before in Teignmouth. She helped our teachers understand that we need to experience different sports — even if they are usually boys sports! She helped our teachers understand the game and encouraged other friends to have a go."

It's not just the rugby team who are inspired by Angelique. One of the mums, Jeanette, gave this flattering tribute:

"Ange has an amazing and constant commitment to getting girls and women’s rugby up and going in our area. She is  the most resilient empowering role model to all the girls and women.

"Bringing up two children, going to university, being a superb wife, yet at the same time coaching, training, fundraising, promoting, arranging fixture, getting clubs together far and wide so our few girls can have a game... the list is endless!"

Angelique's coaching wisdom has certainly stuck with the girls, and she's taught them skills that can be used throughout their lives. Jeanette's daughter, 14-year-old Kate, tells us more:

“Ange teaches us that rugby is fun and that it’s about teamwork, not just about playing by yourself to win. She tells us about “TREDS” (Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline, Sportsmanship) all the time. And now we don’t just know it, we play by it.

"When I’m with Ange and my friends training, playing or fundraising I can do anything!"

What will Angelique do with the £500?

Angelique says that she'll spend a couple of hundred on kit bags that have built in phone chargers for the squad (her friend Laura rolled her eyes at her endless generosity).

The rest, Angelique says, will go on books for uni, a new gym kit and a food plan.

What are her new year's resolutions?

Angelique says her resolutions are “to get my head down and study hard to become a better coach, work towards completing my first year at Uni, knowing I did my absolute best. "

"I also want to spend time on my own health, fitness and get back on the rugby pitch.”

You are an inspiration to us all. Happy new year, Angelique 🏉