With Christmas around the corner, we're feeling very merry here at Quidco. So we're happy to announce our third Quidco Hero, Ian Birch.

Ian was nominated by Louise Winch. In Windsor, Ian has been fundamental in turning a derelict pub into a community centre where, among serving drinks and driving community spirit, it provides a place for children with additional needs to learn.

Here's what Louise had to say about Ian:

"Ian has been a driving force in our community quest to save our local pub after we managed to save it through community investment and local support. As a volunteer, Ian pretty much spends every day there, turning it from a wreck to a community hub."

"Whatever is needed he is adept at turning his hand to it. From running fundraiser BBQs, rebuilding the site and generally driving it forward. He is willing and able to do it all.'

"He is tireless, committed and an example to us all. Without people like Ian, communities would be much poorer and lack in heart. Ian deserves all the recognition available and a prize like this would not only make him smile. Our community, too, would appreciate it, as we all know what he would do with the money — donate it to the next phase of renovations so local school children with additional needs can get work experience in the kitchen, which we are raising funds for."

It's not just Louise who has kind words to say about Ian. Anne Tebbatt, Chair of the Friends of The Swan had this to say:

"Without Ian we would not be where we are today — with a thriving community pub and commitment from the locals to make it work. He always goes above and beyond and we can’t thank him enough."

And, Ken Sutherland, a fellow member of the Friends of The Swan group, says:

“Ian will not stop until The Swan is the best place in Windsor. He wants people to feel welcome and his embracing approach means that he is always thinking of ways to make things happen with limited. He is an example to us all.”

What are Ian's Christmas plans?

Ian is having a quiet Christmas, a rest from working down the pub. But Christmas Day lunchtime, he's sure to have a pint down The Swan.

What is Ian going to spend the £500 on?

According to Ian, he's going to spend the money on the second phase of renovating the pub, helping make it a place for community and learning.