It's no secret that Waitrose is known as a 'posh' supermarket for those with expensive taste.

That being said, here at Quidco, we believe there are always bargains to be had, regardless of where you shop!

That's why we've found some top secret tips and tricks to help you save money when you shop at Waitrose...

How to save money at Waitrose

1. Join the 'myWaitrose' loyalty scheme

Similar to the likes of Sainsbury's and Tesco, Waitrose also has a loyalty scheme. Pick up a loyalty card in-store or sign up online to myWaitrose for free and get loads of rewards including personalised vouchers and a free Waitrose magazine.

Plus, get 20% off meat and cheese counters in store every day, and 20% off fish counter purchases in store on Fridays.

2. Shop the reductions  

When it comes to yellow sticker bargains, even Waitrose has a reductions section! In fact, it's one of the best - we've asked around and the Quidco community have confirmed it.

Save money on meat, fresh ready meals, flowers, bakery goods, and loads more when you shop either first thing in the morning or right before closing. You heard it here first!

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3. Shop near closing to bag freebies

Speaking of shopping near closing, did you know some Waitrose stores let their employees give away free items that are due to expire?

This is completely down to the discretion of each store and staff members, of course, but it's always worth hovering near closing to see if there's anything up for grabs. Shhh you didn't hear it from us...

4. Get cashback on your shopping

Similar to other supermarkets, you can get cashback at Waitrose when you shop online via Quidco.

Earn up to £5 cashback every time you shop, plus get cashback on selected in-store items when you download the free Quidco ClickSnap app.

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5. Look out for staff with 'it's on us' stickers

Waitrose employees are sometimes armed with a roll of 'it's on us' stickers, which they are allowed give out to shoppers in certain situations.

For example, if you ask for a specific product that may be out of stock, staff may find you a similar item and reward it you for free. Please note, just like the freebies, these stickers are given out at the discretion of individual staff members.

Basically, please don't harass them in the hopes of getting something for free!

6. Take advantage of welcome offers for new customers

If you're considering shopping online with Waitrose, make sure you do a Google search to check if there are any new welcome offers.

Previously welcome discounts have included £5-off a £60 spend and £10-off when you spend £80 online.

Sometimes, these are often posted through your front door too so don't be too quick to throw out your junk mail!

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7. Ask a friend or family to share their staff discount

Did you know Waitrose offer a generous 20% off to all staff who have been with them for three months? They can also nominate someone to share their discount with too.  

Strictly speaking, this should be a partner or someone you live with, but it doesn't hurt to ask someone who works there if they could nominate you.

8. Shop the Waitrose Essentials range

Did you know Waitrose has an essentials range where you can pick up basic products like milk, cereal, toiletries, cleaning products, and more for less?

This is great if you're on a budget, but would still like to buy quality ingredients from a trusted supermarket like Waitrose.

9. Shop around the first Wednesday of the month

Rumour has it, promotional changeover (where new promotions are rolled out into stores) tends to happen on the first Wednesday of every month at Waitrose.

So if you happen to find a good bargain or discount in-store, make sure you stock up before the end of the month!

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10. Avoid Little Waitrose stores

Waitrose has a range of 'Little Waitrose' convenience and service station stores across the country, but like most shops of this nature, they are often more expensive.

If you need something specifically from a Waitrose store, it's best to try and find a main shop near you.