Do you search for a better utility deal on the clock? Or maybe you spend your day looking for a great insurance deal or paying bills? If this sounds like you, then you're not alone.

Wasting time on social media might be the first thing that springs to mind when it comes to killing time at work, but more of us are spending time doing less interesting tasks.

Just over 78% of us spend our working day doing the most laborious of tasks - otherwise known as 'life admin'.

We've done a spot of research and found that 56% of us spend up to an hour each week doing the boring stuff. And the cost of this? Well for you, it means you're earning £828* every year for searching out and swapping to a better deal. And for the economy, it means there's £15bn spent every year. Not to be taken lightly!

Those pesky millennials are the most likely to undertake life admin at work – when they're not making avo on toast or whipping up an iced latte in the kitchen that is – with just over 22% saying they did it often. Baby boomers on the other hand seem the least likely (16%) to spend their days scrolling through websites looking for a good deal at work.

The kicker, however? A lot of us don't care whether our boss approves or not. More than 43% of us said we don't care whether our boss would mind us doing life admin tasks at work ...but of course we do it anyway!

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*Based on an annual salary of £29,000 (ONS stats)

Quidco commissioned eOpinion to survey 2087 nationally representative adults between 17.01.20 and 20.01.20