Toilet roll, pasta and flour may have flown off shelves in supermarkets, but are you curious to know what we've been buying online?

Well, as luck would have it, we've crunched the buying data to find the retail winners and losers of lockdown. Some things may surprise you, while others probably not!

The full report is below, but here are a few highlights:

We already know that sales of sex toys increased 25% in the first two weeks of lockdown, but lingerie has also seen a spike of 41%.

Another kind of dressing up, fancy dress sales declined 61%. So our question is – are people making their own fancy dress costumes, or is it just us dressing up for our weekly Zoom calls?

All aboard the fitness train! Google searches for ‘Couch 2 5k’ have been higher than the usual peak of January since mid-April, while terms such as ‘kettlebell’, ‘mountain equipment’ and ‘gym equipment’ have seen triple digit growth . Hardly surprising then that we’ve seen sports sales increase 65% – with cycling accounting for a large portion. Other outdoor sports, however, haven’t fared so well; golf for example plunged 17%.

With Netflix recording 16 million new sign ups in just one month, we weren’t shocked to see that entertainment at home rose 198% thanks to sales of CD, DVD, and Blu-Rays.

Similarly, electricals saw a 53% increase as we flocked to pick up new computers, sound systems, audio visual equipment, cameras and camcorders, appliances and gadgets to keep them entertained during the lockdown.

There were winners and losers in publishing – books, magazines and audiobooks are all up, while newspapers are down 32%. Financial services are also a mixed bag; investments and pensions, utility comparisons and legal all saw increases, but currency and insurance saw declines.

And last, but by no means least, the humble takeaway has been a mainstay while we’ve been confined to our homes – despite the county being filled with more sourdough and banana bread loaves than people. We kept our local takeaways (and big names too) in business by spending 13% more! Pizza, anyone?

Couch 2 5k Google search on Google Trends
Sports Equipment search on Google Trends