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If you had to guess at the most Instagrammed car ever, what would it be? The Retro Beetle? Mercedes G Wagon? Bentley Continental GT? Well you’d be wrong. The not-so-humble Audi RS6 is officially the world’s most Instagrammed car.

Landrover’s executive SUV, the Range Rover comes in second place, with the more affordable Honda Civic taking the last spot on the podium.

With people coming to us to compare car insurance quotes and get the best deal, we thought it’d be interesting to know which cars get the most love online, and as we're a cashback site, tot up how much they cost. So we tallied up the hashtags and split them into nine of the most common classes of car:
•        SUV
•        Executive
•        Hatchback
•        Sports
•        City car
•        Supermini
•        Saloon
•        Crossover SUV
•        MPV

So the only question left is, does your car make the cut?

Most Instagrammed cars 2020 Infographic

The Audi RS6 may have taken the top spot individually, but hatchbacks are the most Instagrammed class of car; hatchback cars account for over 10 million hashtags on Instagram. The least Instagrammed class is estates, with less than 200,000 hashtags.

Now for the really juicy stuff - the cost. The 27 cars who took the top spot total over £1bn - £1,021,728 to be precise. The most expensive car on the list is the Audi R8, which starts at £111,640. The cheapest on the list is Ford's KA, which starts at £8995. So even though the Ford KA is as cheap as chips, its owners still think it's super Instagrammable.

The top 50 cars also come with hefty price tags; their total sits at £1,924,844. The most expensive car might have made our top 27, but the top 50 also has a lot of options for those with deep pockets. The BMW 7 Series, which sits at a respectable 38 on our list, starts at £69,510, and Tesla's Model S, which is the 30th most Instagrammed car, starts at £76,990.

Top 50 cars and their starting costs can be found below 👇

Method & Sources

We took a count of the top three most popular hashtags for each of the car models in May 2020.

We used YouGov data to find the most popular models of car.

We used manufacturer data to document the prices of the cars new.