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If dogs weren't central to our lives before, since lockdown, they've certainly earned their place in our homes (and hearts) forever.

But it's one thing getting our homes ready for our cherished canines (and of course buying matching outfits), but our cars also need to be fit for our furry friends.

So in honour of National Dog Day, and to coincide with the year of staycations (it's what we've coined 2020 here at Quidco HQ), we've worked out which car is best for your dog.

Taking the most popular 20 cars and the top 20 dog breeds, we've put together a pretty spectacular rundown of which car you'll need to transport your best pal – whether you're off for a walk in the countryside, heading out to see friends and family, or packing up and getting away from it all for a week or two.

The UK's top 20 cars and their max canine capacity with the seats up and folded

Please note that this research is based purely on metric crate dimensions and boot space, not real life scenarios. Always ensure you consult expert advice before driving with a dog crate to ensure it is fitted correctly for both yours and your dog's safety.

Worked out using travel crate dimensions not with a dog loose in the car.


We found the top 20 most popular cars from the YouGov website.
We used Woofdog to get crate sizes for each dog.
We based the length, width and height of each size of crate on an Amazon Basics crate.
Our brains couldn't do the maths, so we worked out the crate volume in litres using this online calculator.
Each model of car's boot data was sourced from the below webpages: