Say hello to our new Premium. It allows you to earn more cashback than ever before, and gives you access to an abundance of improved features. Upgrade to Premium here.

How does the new Premium work?

The new Premium works by giving its users the highest cashback rates on the market in return for a minimal and flexible fee. Premium members can enjoy up to 10% topped-up rates on thousands of different brands.

All we ask in return is a £1 retention fee per active month. This means that we only retain £1 of your cashback if you’ve made a purchase with us in the 30 days prior. Or in other words, if you take a break from shopping, there’ll be no fee.

Why should I opt into Premium?

The main reason we think you’ll love the new Premium membership is that it gives you access to the highest cashback rates without locking you into a yearly fee.

We understand that many businesses lock their customers into subscription plans that can be a pain to get out of. Before you know it, you’re paying over the odds for something you may only use once or twice. It’s like if you paid for months of a gym membership, but you only ever used the sauna that one time.

At Quidco, we want to go against the grain. By introducing our new Premium membership, we’re giving our members the most freedom in their shopping.

What’s more, if you decide that the new Premium membership isn’t for you, you can downgrade to the free basic membership whenever you want and it’s effective immediately. There’s no jumping through endless hoops like some other businesses make you do.

It’s not just increased cashback rates. There is also a whole host of other Premium features we’re proud of.

Highest Cashback Guarantee

We’ve improved our Highest Cashback Guarantee for the new Premium. And this is our promise to you. We feel that matching in the rate just isn’t enough, so if you find a better cashback rate on any other UK site, we’ll pay you double the difference.

Increased pay-out bonuses

Not only can you have access to the highest cashback rates, but with Premium, you can earn even more with increased pay-out bonuses. These are ways where you can earn even more when you withdraw your funds from your Quidco account (which you can do at any time). Premium members can get bonuses of up to 20% of their original earnings.

Pay-out bonuses give you the opportunity to top up your earnings if you withdraw them into one of our many payout partner’s e-gift cards. We have a huge range of pay-out partners, offering e-gift cards on everything from cycling equipment to takeaways, fashion to books.

Quidco Premium

We understand you may have some questions

With the fee being £1 per active month, isn’t Premium more expensive now?

As you can downgrade and upgrade immediately whenever you feel like it, the Premium membership isn’t really a ‘yearly’ thing.

If you were an active Premium member for a whole year, it’s true that the retention would be £12, rather the £5 fee of the old Premium. But with the new Premium’s topped-up cashback rates of up to 10%, members who actively use the new Premium benefits will earn much more cashback overall.

If you only use the new Premium benefits every now and again — let’s say, for just two months of the year — it’ll be cheaper for you than the old Premium, as we’ll withhold just £2 of your earned cashback. But you’ll still be getting higher cashback rates than ever before.

What if I make under £1 per month with the new Premium? If I’m still charged every month won’t it be more expensive?

We believe in giving you the utmost freedom and flexibility. That’s why we allow you to dip in and out of our Premium membership as and when you please.

This way, you can use Premium when you’re buying more expensive items and services through us (and earning the most cashback with our topped-up rates). With big purchases, such as TVs, holidays or insurance, the new Premium will help you make a killing in cashback. We’re talking hundreds of pounds.

In the rare occasions where you won’t make over £1 in a month, you can downgrade to our free membership, effective as soon as you hit the button.

We’re the only cashback site that offers this level of flexibility.

Is Quidco Premium more expensive than Topcashback Plus now?

Nope. Quidco’s Premium membership offers double the amount of cashback top-up than that of Topcashback Plus. So with Quidco’s Premium, you’ll earn a lot more cashback than with Topcashback’s plus, even if we retain more than £5 throughout the year.

We also give our members a lot more freedom and flexibility than Topcashback. They auto-enrol their members into a yearly plan. So unless you decide to downgrade within the first 30 days, there’s no getting out of it. You’re locked in. The key’s thrown away.

What’s more, Quidco Premium members can start accessing the highest cashback rates once they’ve earned £1. You have to earn £5 cashback to see any Plus features with Topcashback.

So there you go — our brand new Premium membership. Opt into it today and start earning more cashback than ever before.