Right now, the bonds we have with our pets have been stronger than ever. Since the lockdown, many of us in the UK have turned to our furry friends to help with isolation and boredom. Taking the dog out for a walk or having a cat as a working-from-home colleague makes social distancing life easier.

This is evidenced by the considerable rise in enquiries into Battersea Dogs and Cats Home about adopting and rehoming pets.

As much as our pets can reduce our anxiety, there’s still the worry that pets themselves can become ill. Since the outbreak, there have been cases of dogs testing positive for Coronavirus. To top that, a story hit the news last week about three lions and two tigers contracting the virus from a zookeeper in a US zoo.

These new stories only reinforce the concerns people have for their pets right now. And with veterinary practices reducing treatments or closing entirely, there are fewer resources out there to treat pets if they do become ill or have an accident.

Google has seen an uprise is searches from people worried about their pets. ‘Can my pets catch and spread Coronavirus?’, ‘How should I interact with my pets?’, ‘Is it ok for pets to go outside?’ and ‘What if my pet needs vet treatment?’ have been just some

Here’s who can help

Pet insurance providers, Scratch & Patch have kindly decided to provide free access to its Careline for whoever has a question about their cat or dog. Pet owners will have access to qualified RCVS veterinary nurses 24/7.

Here’s what to do

  1. Note down the issue or symptoms your pet is experiencing or describe your concerns.
  2. Visit the website HERE
  3. Either call the number or chat online with a qualified veterinary nurse who will explain what to do next.

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