Advent calendars are a fun way to count down the final days leading up to Christmas and they come in many forms, the most popular of which being the chocolate variety!

However, over the past few years, we have been introduced to new and exciting forms of advent calendars, many of which have proved to be extremely popular, such as the beauty calendars in which you can receive sample sizes of products for a not too unreasonable price. So what fantastically festive advent calendars are available to you this year? In this guide, you can take a look at some of the best advent calendars of 2022, and where you can buy them.

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Beauty advent calendars

Beauty advent calendars have become vastly more popular in recent years, with many available from brands such as Benefit, Clinique and other high end makeup brands. While these advent calendars typically cost a fair bit more than your traditional chocolate options, they are very good value for money and feature a wide variety of products!

Benefit ‘Sincerely Yours’ Advent Calendar

Probably one of the most well-known among the beauty advent calendars, Benefit calendars are highly sought after due to the array of best-selling products available within them. The Benefit ‘Sincerely Yours’ advent calendar contains 12 miniature versions of their best-selling products, from mascaras to primers. Among these are the renowned Pore-fessional primer, Hoola bronzer and They’re Real! Mascara.

You can find this calendar on the official Benefit cosmetics website, or alternatively, on cosmetic sites like LOOKFANTASTIC and Beauty Bay. Quidco is also offering a 3.2% cashback deal on Benefit products, so make sure to check this deal out before  purchasing your Benefit advent calendar!

24 Days of Clinique Advent Calendar

This is another high-end beauty brand offering an advent calendar for 2022, this time with 24 products available, including the customer favourites like Dramatically Different Moisturiser, Chubby Stick and High Impact Mascara. There is also a deal here at Quidco for up to 10% cashback on all Clinique purchases!

Chocolate advent calendars

Chocolate advent calendars are the original and often cited as the best, and despite what you may think, there is quite a large variety available outside of the traditional 24 door options you find in your local supermarket.

The calendars in this category range from the classic Dairy Milk advent calendars, to the more premium options from Hotel Chocolat and Thorntons, if you’re looking for a high-end chocolate gift for someone, or simply want something a little more luxurious.

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Cat and dog advent calendars

Of course, wanting to spoil your pets rotten this Christmas is a given, and luckily, there are several brands that offer advent calendars for your pets at a reasonable price. You can also earn cashback through Quidco when shopping with each of these brands.

Lily’s Kitchen

Lily’s Kitchen is a retailer that creates all-natural food for cats and dogs to enjoy, including pet advent calendars! The Lily’s Kitchen Advent Calendar for Dogs is a great option if you want to include your dog in Christmas celebrations. This advent calendar includes three types of treats made with natural ingredients for your dog to enjoy in the lead up to Christmas. Lily’s Kitchen also offers a tasty Advent Calendar for Cats, once again featuring all natural tasty ingredients for your feline.

Find this advent calendar on the official Lily’s Kitchen website, as well Pets at Home and Amazon! You can also earn 4% cashback for new customer purchases with Lily’s Kitchen via the Quidco website, and 1.6% cashback for existing customer purchases!

Paws Scrumbles Advent Calendar

This is a really great and affordable advent calendar for dogs that you can confidently use as a way of incorporating all natural ingredients into your dog’s diet, including treats that benefit your dog’s dental health and offer calming properties.

Find this on the website, as well as Ocado! You can also receive up to 7.2% cashback for Paws purchases through Quidco.

Gin advent calendars

Gin is often a thoughtful and sometimes expensive gift for someone at Christmas, and if it is your go-to drink, you’ll certainly enjoy this gin advent calendar!

Craft Gin Club Advent Calendar

This is a little bit more on the pricey side at £89, but worth it for the 25 miniature gins available in this advent calendar! This calendar also includes a helpful cocktail recipe to make with your gins! You know you’re getting your money’s worth with this advent calendar.

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LEGO advent calendars

If you want your children to join in with the countdown to Christmas with something more than a traditional chocolate advent calendar, a LEGO advent calendar would be the perfect entertaining choice for a child or teenager!

LEGO City Advent Calendar

This 24-door advent calendar features over 200 LEGO pieces, including a LEGO Santa, LEGO figures, and parts that your kids can use to build amazing LEGO sculptures! You can find this fun advent calendar on the official LEGO website, as well as receive cashback deals of up to 3% on numerous LEGO purchases through Quidco.


What makes a good advent calendar?

A good advent calendar is one that enables you to sample products at a better value for money than if you bought the individual items, which is what makes the beauty advent calendars so popular. Advent calendars with some playability like the LEGO advent calendar are also popular, as they may enable you to receive products that could be sold out or hard to find elsewhere - and who doesn’t love LEGO?

What types of advent calendars are available?

There are numerous types of advent calendars available, including the ones mentioned in this guide. Typically, they range from beauty, food & drink, entertainment, and alcohol. There are even calendars available that feature Christmas ornaments!

What are the best advent calendars for adults?

Adults can enjoy any type of advent calendar, however, the best ones are arguably the food and drink ones, including the traditional chocolate options. Advent calendars are great forms of pre-Christmas entertainment and anticipation, and can be enjoyed by all members of the family, including pets!

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