From the very beginning, mums guide you through life's ups and downs, provide you with the lessons to ready you for the world, and have a good go at you when you act up.

Mums come in all different shapes and sizes. And at Quidco we believe that not all mothers are biological mothers. There are your mother figures. Though they may not have given birth to you, they still treat you like one of their own. They care for you like any good mum would.

So, to celebrate this Mother's Day, we asked the lovely Quidco Members to tell us who their mother figures are and why. As promised each member who has their special tribute featured on this post gets £10 cashback paid into their Quidco account.

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"My mum is my rock. She helps my family so much. As my husband and son are both disabled my mum is there to stand in and help as much as she can. Especially, if I'm at work. She also picks my daughter up from her dance lessons, which is a lot to ask as she is in her 70s. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be able to work my few hours a week."

Karen Stokes

"My mum passed away when my sister and I were 4 (I’m a twin). So I’d say my dad did a remarkable job of bringing up 4 children as well as working to support us. So he was our mother figure and continues to be a great father figure too."

Laura Olorenshaw

"Jackie Olorenshaw. Because she's my mother and literally my best friend. I don't know what I'd do without her. We talk day and night, even if we live 10 minutes from each other and I see her at least 4 out of 7 days a week with my daughters."

Jackie (in reply to Laura)

"Thank you Laura 💕 Your Grannie (my mom) was mine. She taught me so much that I could fill a book. She was kind, caring, and would do anything for anyone. She taught me life skills, such as baking and sewing which meant I was able to make my own wedding dress and christening dresses for the family. She loved and adored her family and her grandchildren were her world. This Mother’s Day will be our first without her, but I know somewhere she is still smiling and looking over us.

"You are doing an amazing job with the twins so proud of you."


"My mother in law who is sadly no longer with us. She was elegant, funny and so supportive, especially as I’ve been ill since suffering from post natal depression. She was mine and my children’s lifeline through so many dark times."


"My Mum, despite needing care herself now, and my Dad who is THE best cook. My aunt who is always willing to let me stay when I fancy a visit. My former boss and honorary mother who was fab when my mum was a long way away — aren't I lucky to have so many?!"


"My mum died in 2016, so the mother figure in my life is my lovely neighbour Pam, who has been a great support when I lived on my own. She came to my rescue numerous times. E.g. taking me for many hospital visits when I tore my cruciate ligament and in a lot more instances. She looks after the house for us when we are away, takes in parcels - the list could go on! Wonderful mother figure."

Thanks to all the members  who contributed their tributes. Enjoy the prize money. And happy Mother's Day!