By now, most of us have heard the catchy Ocado advert 'there's an Ocado just for you' - catchy, right?

If you're inspired to try them out, we've found a few tips and tricks to help you save money on your next Ocado shop...

How to save money on your next Ocado delivery

1.Get cashback at Ocado

Our first tip to save money on Ocado's website is to always get cashback when you shop online via Quidco. New customers can currently get up to a whopping 8% cashback on their first order, so it's definitely worth checking out!

Don't forget to download our Cashback Reminder tool, which pops up when you visit the site to help you remember to get cashback without even needing to visit our site!

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2. Take advantage of welcome offers

Ocado runs welcome promotions to entice new customers, such as £10-off your first £60 shop. Have a quick Google search before you shop and don't forget to check your junk mail before throwing it in the recycling!

3. Sign up for an Ocado Smart Pass

If you're a regular Ocado shopper, sign up for an Ocado Smart Pass one month free trial to see if it's suitable for you.

If you like it, you can sign up on a monthly, six month, or annual basis and enjoy benefits such as free delivery, exclusive 50% off sale items, a free gift each year, and 10% off selected products.

4. Shop Ocado’s own range

Did you know Ocado also have their own range, as well as delivering on behalf of other supermarkets? It's true! Plus, shopping their own range of essentials often works out cheaper than the brands they sell, so it's definitely worth a look.

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5. Cash in with Ocado coupons

On top of welcome offers, Ocado also has a 'coupons' section on their website. This is exclusive to customers, so you'll need to create an account and log in to see these.

6. Check out the 'clearance' section on the website

Save money on Ocado's website when you shop the clearance page, which offers a huge variety of products at discount rates. Consider these as a 'last chance to buy' type offer.

They also have a home clearance section, where you can pick up products like candles and tea towels at a fraction of the original price.

7. Get every day savers offers

Ocado also have a section of the website called 'top offers' and 'every day savers' where you can pick up bread, fruit and vegetables, and more basics for a competitive price.

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